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Quicksand - A soil type that creates a mire whereby a person or animal walking over the area will sink. May both create a hazard and limit the developability of a site.

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RAATS: RCRA Administrative Actions Taken

Radioactive - Having unstable atoms that decay or break down to another kind of atom. The process emits high-energy particles. For example, radium decays to form radon. Radiation includes high-energy particles, which include alpha and beta particles and gamma rays.

Radon - A colorless and odorless gas that is emitted from decaying uranium deposits. The gas may enter improvements through cracks and create a health hazard if inhaled.

Rail way - The right for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a train on a property.

RCRA: Resource Conservation Recovery Act.  Sites which generate, transport, store, treat or dispose hazardous wastes.

Real estate disclosure - Any condition that should be disclosed in the course of selling, buying or lending on a property.

Recharge - Any process whereby water is added to the saturated zone of an aquifer.

Reciprocal parking easement - The contractual right of two adjacent parties to share parking with the other.

RED Report - A Real Estate Disclosure report.

Release - A spill, leak, emission, discharge, escape, leach, or disposal from an underground storage tank into the soils, ground, or surface water.

REO Sale - The sale of foreclosed real estate by the lender.

Repair stage - The second stage in detrimental condition analysis. It includes all the costs of repairs or remediation resulting from a detrimental condition, including the repair and incidental costs, contingencies, use issues, and the project incentive.

Repairs required - Any deferred maintenance or repairs that are required but uncompleted on a property.

Representative sample - A sample (e.g., groundwater, waste) that can be expected to exhibit the average properties of the whole.

Retaining slope - A mound of soil that is designed to hold back the ground behind it.

Retaining wall - A wall that is designed to hold back the ground behind it.

Retrofit - The renovation of a property to a higher standard. For example, an old brick building may be retrofitted to withstand an earthquake.

Reverse osmosis - A water purification process used to remove salts, such as for sea water. The process yields drinking water and salt residues.

Right of refusal - The proprietary right to be offered a property for sale or lease before it can be another offer can be accepted.

Riparian habitats - Areas in water courses that are the home of associated animal and plant life.

Risk issues - All risks associated with a detrimental condition analysis, specifically within the assessment stage (uncertainty factor), the repair stage (project incentive), and ongoing stage (market resistance).

RODS: Records of Decisions

Rolling option - An option to lease or purchase a property that continues or "rolls over" based upon specified conditions.

Rot - Wood that has come into contact with water or moisture and that consequentially swollen or decomposed.

RP - Responsible party.

RTC Sale _ The sale of property by the Resolution Trust Corporation.


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