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Earthquake - The shaking of the ground due to seismic activities.   Like some natural disasters, they are unpredictable, unpreventable, and cause indiscriminate damage, so they tend to not cause a diminution in value to a particular property or neighborhood but rather impact a region as a whole.

Earthquake fault zone - The area along which the ground or subsurface areas move, creating earthquakes.

Earthquake retrofit - Additional structural support added to the improvements to provide the support necessary to withstand earthquake destruction or to bring the property into conformity with current earthquake building regulations.

Easement - The non-fee simple estate ownership to utilize a site, or a portion of a site, in some defined manner.

Economic depreciation - A decline in the economy that negatively impacts real estate values.

Economic disaster - A large-scale event that negatively impacts the overall economy, which in turn impact real estate values.

Economic obsolescence - The loss incurred when the depreciated value of the improvements, from a cost perspective, is more than the market value.

Ecosystem - The natural community and its environment functioning as a total system.

Effluent - Treated liquid waste.

Egress diminution - The partial or total loss of the ability to exit or leave a site.

EIFS - Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems, which are pre-formed stucco-textured sheets.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) - The electric forces emitted by power lines or other electrical devices.

Eminent domain - The taking of property, as allowed under the U.S. Constitution, for the public good and upon payment of just compensation.

Encapsulant - Liquid substances that are applied to contaminants to prevent their escape. Bridging encapsulants form a coating over the contaminant’s surface. Penetrating encapsulants soak into the contaminants to bind its components together. Both types are frequently used together.

Encapsulation - A contamination remediation process that encapsulates the contaminants to prevent leaching and surface seepage of contamination into either the air, groundwater, or storm drainage system.

Enclosure - Construction of an air or watertight structure that surrounds the contaminant.

Encroachment - An improvement that is constructed in such a manner that it crosses the property line or otherwise encroaches upon an adjacent property.

End removal - The removal of contaminants when the property is eventually demolished.

Endangered species - A plant or animal that inhabits a property, where it appears on a governmental list because of its venerability to extinction.

Entitlements - The development process and corresponding approvals for land development.

Environmental condition - Any actual or potential environmental factor as it relates to property.

Environmental impact report - A study required by governmental agencies to determine the impact that a proposed development will have on the surrounding areas.

Environmental lien - A restriction placed on a property for environmental reasons.

Environmentally sensitive area - An area where the plant or animal life or their habitat are either rare or particularly vulnerable.

EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Equipment decontamination enclosure system - A washroom, holding area, and uncontaminated area for handling materials and equipment.

ERNS: Emergency Response Notification System.  EPA database on reported releases of oil & hazardous substances.

Estate sale - The sale of property upon the death of it’s owner.

Ex situ - A remediation process that involves excavation.

Expansion - The enlargement of soils due to moisture inundation or another natural event.

Expansive soil - Soils that expand when moist.

EPCRA: Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act.

Exposure - Contact with a contaminant through skin absorption, inhalation, or ingestion.

External depreciation - Any event or development located off-site that negatively impacts the subject property.

External obsolescence - See external depreciation.

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