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Daily discharge - The emission or discharge, in terms of mass, of a pollutant in a 24-hour period.

Dam - Proximity to a dam or a dam inundation risk area.

Daycare - A registered facility to provide daytime care to pre-school age children.

Death on property - A property that was the scene of a human death.

Debris compost - The decay of debris and the resulting soils subsidence it causes.

Deed - A document that records a loan that is secured with the property.

Deed restriction - A recorded restriction on the use of the property.

Deferred maintenance - Routine property upkeep that has been neglected.

Degraded wetlands - Swamps, bogs, marshes, etc., that have been negatively altered by man.

Deluge - A sudden flooding or inundation of water.

Detrimental condition - Any issue or condition that may potentially cause a diminution in value to real estate.

Detrimental condition cost approach - An analysis of a property with and without all costs and losses associated with a potential detrimental condition.

Detrimental condition income approach - An analysis of a property with and without any loss of net operating income resulting from a potential detrimental condition.

Detrimental Condition Matrix - A matrix that illustrates the three potential detrimental stages (assessment, repair, and ongoing) and three potential detrimental condition issues (cost, use, and risk).

Detrimental Condition Model  A graph that illustrates all of the categories of stages and issues that must be considered when studying the effects of a potential detrimental condition on real estate values—e.g., assessment stage, repair stage, ongoing stage, and market resistance.

Detrimental condition sales comparison approach - An analysis of a property through the comparison of market data that is impacted and not impacted by a potential detrimental condition.

Detrimental condition stages - The three stages of a detrimental condition analysis, specifically, the assessment, repair, and ongoing stages.

Diatomaceous earth filtration - A water filtering process whereby a coat or "cake" of diatomaceous earth filter media is deposited over a membrane (septum) and water is passed through.

Differential settlement - Soils with differing compaction or materials that settle to unequal levels.

Diminution in value - The lost value of real estate before (as if impaired) and after (or upon discovery of) a detrimental condition.

Direct condemnation - The physical taking of property through the process of eminent domain.

Discharge - The spillage, leakage, pouring, emitting, or dumping of hazardous materials into land, air, or water.

Disinfectant - Any oxidant, such as chlorine, used to kill microorganisms.

Disintermediation - A period when long-term interest rates are lower than short-term interest rates.

Disposal - The discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, or placing of any solid waste or hazardous waste into the air, water, ground, or groundwater.

Disposal system - A system of man-made or natural barriers that isolate spent nuclear fuel or radioactive waste or other contaminants.

Distillation - A water purification technique that purifies water by heating the water and condensing the steam. The process reduces salt concentration but is ineffective in removing pesticides and volatile organic contaminants such as benzene or chloroform.

Distress or tragic conditions - A condition due to distress or a tragedy related to a property.

Dockets: Civil and Judicial Actions. Civil actions filed by the Department of Justice on EPA's behalf.

Double escrow - An escrow to a buyer who immediately transfers the property to a second buyer.

Drainage - The sheet water flow and ability of a site to divert and drain excess water.

Drainage issues - Any historical event or probability by an engineer as to problems related to drainage sheet flow.

Drought - The prolonged lack of rain or availability of an adequate water supplies.

Drug activity - Any illegal drug dealing or use on a property.

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