This report may only be used by the specified client or user.  The report is not a warranty or guarantee that certain conditions do not exist, but it is a disclosure of what conditions are believed or known to exist to the party(ies) below based only upon those sources cited, as of the date of this report.

The Property Walk-through is limited to observations of obvious signs of required repairs or other conditions.   The other information was gathered from sources which are believed to be reliable, but no attempt has been made to independently verify this information and no guarantee or warranty is made as to the accuracy thereof.  No liability is accepted for any loss, injury, liability or damage of any kind resulting in any way from; (a) any errors or omissions of the information, (b) the unavailability, interruption or delay of the delivery of the information to the client or third party, or (c) the use of this information.

The report is not a substitute for any third-party documents or reports, such as appraisal reports, architectural plans, aerial photos, broker documents, contracts, engineering reports, environmental impact reports, escrow-sales documents, insurance documents, lease documents, legal documents, loan documents, Phase I, II or III reports, Sheriff-Police reports, Property Inspection reports, Site Surveys, Soils reports, Special Studies, Termite reports, Title reports or any other studies or documents.   Any third party documents that have been referenced are assumed to be correct and no warranty is made as to their accuracy.  By acceptance of the report, the recipient acknowledges that there is no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of this information.  If the recipient of this report has any concerns regarding any items of disclosure, it is recommended that a qualified appraiser, architect, attorney, broker-agent, contractor, engineer, soils engineer, environmental engineer, governmental agent, insurance agent, surveyor, contractor, property inspector or other professional be consulted.

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