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1.   Are the property’s general features and issues* identified, i.e., size, history, title, trend, etc?


2.   Are there transfer issues, i.e., non-armslength, foreclosure, option, assemblage, etc?

3.   Are there special financing issues, i.e., seller financing, exchange, balloon, wrap, etc?


4.   Are there accident or tragic issues, i.e., fire, violation, death (non-AIDS), etc?

5.   Are there crime issues, i.e., crime scene, burglary, neighbor with criminal record, etc?


6.   Are there legal issues, i.e., lease, easement, CC&R, lien, bond, contract, moratorium, etc?

7.   Are there suit or claim issues, i.e., legal claim, insurance claim, title claim, etc?

8.   Are there special government issues, i.e., eminent domain, unusual zoning-assessment, etc?


9.   Are there area land use issues, i.e., airport, jail, school, cemetery, powerline, pipeline, etc?

10.   Are there nuisance issues, i.e., noise, odor, view, construction, traffic, etc?


11.   Are there building issues, i.e., defect, termite, pest, ADA, code, permit, etc?

12.   Are there repair issues, i.e., roof, structural, window, door, utility,  appliance, floor, etc?


13.   Are there soil issues, i.e., corrosive, expansive, porous, subsidence, slide, creep, etc?

14.   Are there geotechnical issues, i.e., grading, cut and fill, compaction, drainage, crack, etc?


15.   Are there hazardous substance issues, i.e., hydrocarbon, solvent, radioactive, bio, metal, etc?

16.   Are there contamination issues, i.e., asbestos (‘79), lead paint (‘78), spill, leak, septic, etc?

17.   Are there environmental agency issues, i.e., Superfund, LUST, landfill, RCRA, NPL, etc?


18.   Are there natural resource issues, i.e., habitat, open space, wetland, etc?

19.   Are there historic or cultural resource issues, i.e., district, NRHP, archeology, etc?


20.   Are there natural hazard issues, i.e., flood, wildfire, earthquake, tornado, storm damage, etc?

*All issues are those known: past, present or proposed.


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